Kwentong Barbero

In the Philippines, the term "Kwentong Barbero" is slang for tall tales being told in a barber shop. This is a first stab for me at telling stories which are my mind's tall tales.

14 March 2006

A Message from the Past

I stumbled upon the following from Vaclav Havel's open letter to Gustav Husak (circa 1976 I think, refresh your Czechoslovakian histroy for a backgrounder).

"So far," Havel scolded Husak, "you and your government have chosen the easy way out for yourselves, and the most dangerous road for society: the path of inner decay for the sake of outward appearances; of deadening life for the sake of increasing uniformity; of deepening the spiritual and moral crisis of our society, and ceaselessly degrading human dignity, for the puny sake of protecting your own power."

Seems incredibly appropriate to give to the Arroyo administration. Also appropriate to show to people who have become numb to the situation that we are all in.


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